Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sunglasses @ Night/ Happy Crunk Year Party!

Saturday January 4th, my homies Lorn and Bryan from You Tell Concerts decided to throw a raging house party to usher in the new year. The theme was Sunglasses at night which is pretty self explanatory. Rich picked us up at my pad and we rolled over to their WeHo crib. I was rockin the roll-up klinger sunglasses, which were getting mad props all night. For those wondering, here is where you can cop a pair yourself: Klingers. There were probably 50-100 people crammed on their large balcony which was an awesome surprise. Lots of drinks were consumed and maybe a few illicit substances were being passed around. It was probably one of the best apartment parties I've been to in a long ass time! Thanks to the YTC crew for holding it down in 2K10. I'm looking forward to Vegas later this month with you guys!

For official party pics go check out Say Cheese and Die by Preston. Also Club Soda

 Klinger Couple

Rich, Preston, Jeffrey, and I gettin crunk!

Party People

Bryan and Lorn of YTC

Ili, Myself and Rich rockin the shades

You Tell Concerts HQ

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Years Eve

So my new years eve plans changed abruptly and my lady and I were forced to find a plan B fast. Luckily for us our good friends at Kick Mix were able to hook us up VIP style at the awesome KCRW Viceroy Hotel event in Santa Monica. We were treated to an open bar and lots of amazing food. Jason Bentley of KCRW spun us into the new year. Ali and I go to play with the visuals and even do a little camera work with the crowd. A big thanks to Ali and Chris for an amazing night!

Ali of Kick Mix Productions


Cotton Candy

Chinese Food (nom nom)

OM Records sponsored the night.

Ali's Date for the night

Playing with the visuals controls

Toasting to the new year 2K10!

Jason Bentley of KCRW

What happens when you have open bar!

After an epic night out in SM, Iliana and I were happy to help tear down the event with Ali and had plans to crash at a buddy's place...but as it goes, plans changed and we decided to sleep in my luxurious car for the evening. HAHA, let's just say we made the most of it ;) We awoke to a beautiful new day and year at the beach.

Good Morning 2K10

First waves of the year!

Saw this beauty in the parking lot

I hope everyone had a fun and safe evening. Wishing you all the best in the new year and beyond. There are sure to be a lot of great events and parties in 2010, can't wait to tell you all about them!
Take care and keep it real,