Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bday Bath

My 29th birthday weekend I wanted to do something special with my lady. We decided a trip to the central coast is what we needed. I remember going to Sycamore hot springs when I was a little tike and hadn't been back since. So a quick call to the Sycamore Hot Springs hotel and we booked a 2 night stay in one of the mineral hot water suites.
I love Sycamore because it's right on the coast and has some amazing hiking and beach views. It's about a mile or so from Avila and Pismo beach, which also means great wine tasting! We had such a blast and can't wait to venture out to the central coast again, possibly to Hearst Castle next time. Here are some flicks from the weekend. Let me know what you like about the central coast and where you like to enjoy a romantic getaway.

                                                            Wine tasting on the way up

One of the best resort hot spring spots on the coast!

I highly recommend stopping by next time you plan a trip up the coast. They also have hot tubs that you can reserve by the hour for those who just want to soak up some natural healing water.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Party in Paradise

My amazing girlfriend treated me to an all expense paid trip to Hawaii courtesy of her amazing boss
(Thanks BCBG) It was great to escape the party capital of the world for the party paradise of Waikiki Beach. We stayed just off the main beach strip and walking distance to the surf. We spent 8 glorious days on the island and experienced everything from sun bathing to snorkeling to jetskiing and parasailing, a first for both of us.
Also a big shout out to Brent Keane for showing us a different side of Hawaii in Waimanalo. Brent drove us to the Maku Pu lighthouse and showed us an awesome little wine bar where our friend Crystal was playing. And of course a night out swing dancing at the local Ong King where Brent DJ'd was a highlight for me. Who gets to say they went swing dancing in Hawaii? Not many...haha.
I really can't wait to go back and see the other islands. I was speaking with a local who said it's best to spend a week on each island, so I think we are right on schedule, haha. I do regret not getting to see the North Shore at all but with no car and limited $ it was not an easy task to make it there. Next time for sure though. 
Being the awesome paparazzi that I am, I managed to take over 500 pics for your viewing enjoyment, here is a small sampling of some of my favorite shots. The full albums can be found on my facebook account, if you have it, great. If not, sorry but these will have to do for you ;)

Next post is back to LA and the crazy life I lead.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sunglasses @ Night/ Happy Crunk Year Party!

Saturday January 4th, my homies Lorn and Bryan from You Tell Concerts decided to throw a raging house party to usher in the new year. The theme was Sunglasses at night which is pretty self explanatory. Rich picked us up at my pad and we rolled over to their WeHo crib. I was rockin the roll-up klinger sunglasses, which were getting mad props all night. For those wondering, here is where you can cop a pair yourself: Klingers. There were probably 50-100 people crammed on their large balcony which was an awesome surprise. Lots of drinks were consumed and maybe a few illicit substances were being passed around. It was probably one of the best apartment parties I've been to in a long ass time! Thanks to the YTC crew for holding it down in 2K10. I'm looking forward to Vegas later this month with you guys!

For official party pics go check out Say Cheese and Die by Preston. Also Club Soda

 Klinger Couple

Rich, Preston, Jeffrey, and I gettin crunk!

Party People

Bryan and Lorn of YTC

Ili, Myself and Rich rockin the shades

You Tell Concerts HQ