Monday, November 23, 2009


Wednesday Night I attended the new play by my friend and fellow thespian Roger Mathey entitled "Chatsworth". Now this is not your average stage play. In the program it warned of profanity, nudity, drug and sexual situations, basically all the shit I love to see...haha. The play portrays several roommates that are all struggling to "make it" in Los Angeles in the various aspects of the Entertainment Industry. I loved the brutal truth about the industry and the fact that many of us struggle on a day to day basis just to eat and pay rent. It hits close to home with many artists, including myself. There is a beautiful monologue at the end of the performance in which the character Mathew, portrayed by Roger, who wrote, directed and starred in the play, what a talented bastard! He tells the audience how much dedication and commitment it takes just to live in this town, and even then we all don't always get what we want. It's a sad reality for most people who come to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams. I was really impressed with the cast. Everyone did a great job conveying their characters plight. There is ONE more performance this coming Wednesday and I recommend everyone go see this before it's too late! It's only $10.00 at with the discount code 008. Please go and support live theatre in LA!!

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