Monday, November 23, 2009

CONTROL Friday w/ Rusko

Friday night was supposed to be a fun night with some friends coming into town to experience the craziness that is CONTROL @ The Avalon. It started with a pre-party at my pad with some SD homies

We were having a great time! The drinks were flowing and it was awesome to chat and chill with some new friends as well. We all cruised out around 1130pm to walk over to the Avalon for the BIG SHOW: Rusko! Little did we know that it would be pandemonium outside the venue! This is what we arrived to,

It was INSANE! I don't think I've ever seen this kind of situation at The Avalon on a Friday ever! I totally started going into connections mode, texting, calling, doing whatever I had to do to get my ass inside! I honestly can say this was the hardest I've had to work to get into a venue in a loooong time. The general consensus for the line outside was summed up by this dude:

Unfortunately this meant that some people had to be left behind. I tried to sneak my underage girl friends into the venue but it didn't work. They were forced to pay 40 bux CASH or not go. I ended up having to pay 20 bux myself even though I was on a few different guest lists, apparently they were almost at capacity and were making EVERYONE shell out some dough. I felt horrible for leaving my friends to fend for themselves but sometimes that's just the way it goes. Let me make it clear that I did all I could to help the situation but even my connections wouldn't make it any easier for them. SORRY GUYS!

Walking in through the Legit Lounge around 12am I heard the cashier saying that Rusko had just got on stage! HOLY SHIT I made perfect timing! I walked as fast as the people in front of me would allow to get into the main ballroom. There was already a damn clusterfuck milling around and getting amp'd for the show. As soon as I stepped foot inside the place BLOWS UP! Rusko delivered all of his dubstep hits, one after the other! It went a little something like this:



BLOWN AWAY! Rusko was everything I had hoped for and more. I saw him last year @ The Roxy and it was great, but this night he was on fire! Everything he spun was hitting sooo hard I felt my eyes vibrating. I thought the crowd was going to smash down the barricade. I made my way to the front right side of the stage and I see my jackass friends dancing on stage...haha, I mean that in the most endearing way ;)

RUSKO played for roughly 2 hours! No shit. After his set the place was still buzzing, you could tell something EPIC just went down in Hollywood. Timo Mass who was up next could not follow such an amazing set. The crowd dispersed into other areas, clearing the once packed dance floor. Whoever thought that Rusko couldn't headline this show was nuts. I was actually glad that Rusko went on earlier so we could bounce out around 230am instead of having to stick around til 4am when the show ended. BTW the Avalon is one of the few places in Hollywood that actually stays open past 2am.
I hurried back so I could give my friends back their belongings that they left in my apartment. I was still way too amp'd to sleep so I hit Twitter and noticed the rampant #Rusko tweets that were popping up. If LA didn't know about Dubstep before tonight, they most definitely know about it now! Rusko, originally from the UK now lives in LA so Los Angeles is sure to be killin it in the Dubstep scene. People, don't sleep! Go and check out a RUSKO show near you ASAP!!!!!!

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